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The following clients have given permission for their names to be published.


Leah Levane

Head of Communities and Neighbourhoods, London Borough of Lambeth

I had a series of 6 monthly coaching sessions with Stephen. These sessions were aimed largely at supporting me through a transition from very hands on operational work to a much more strategic management role, during a time of considerable transition for me and a very new team. I found Stephen's coaching to be extremely helpful in helping me to identify what I wanted to achieve and to not only identify but also to value my strengths. In addition, he helped me to gain awareness of the limitations of my "instinctive" approach to work, without allowing me to put myself down. As a result I have gained insight into my own behaviours and develop some techniques for addressing limitations as well as working to my strengths.

Stephen is very insightful, sensitive and respectful but definitely challenging so that I had no choice but to think hard during our sessions. We were able to explore underlying issues that were impacting on my work and to make connections that I had not always seen. As a result I was able to think through some strategies for addressing issues of concern and gained confidence in my ability to tackle these.

I was always encouraged to explore but also to focus on the key issue rather than going off at related but unproductive tangents and to come up with productive actions. I understand better how my own behaviours contribute to (at least some of) the difficulties I have been facing. I have been able to identify and work with allies to progress the work that needs to be done. I really got that "Whatever I do today will make a difference, so I will do it as well as I possibly can".

I am more than happy to recommend Stephen to others in my organisation and elsewhere.


Fiona Blyth

Manufacturing Manager, SEM Limited

I have had a series of 5 executive coaching sessions with Stephen Rayment over a period of about a year. These were targeted at improving areas of my professional practice that would benefit me and my organisation.

Stephen's coaching has allowed me to gain a much better understanding of myself including the strengths I bring to my work as well as unhelpful behaviour and beliefs. His insightful and explorative approach has allowed me to understand some of the underlying reasons for these and he has guided me to come up with strategies to help change them.

Stephen has a respectful, challenging & thought-provoking approach and he is a pleasure to work with. I have found working with Stephen highly beneficial and enjoyable.

The aims of the coaching have been achieved in that I am working at a higher professional level; I have more choice as to how to respond in a certain situation, I am calmer, more centred and make better decisions as well as having improved working relationships with my manager & staff. My understanding of how I can be perceived by others and how I deal with heavy workloads has also allowed me to alter my behaviour in a way that has developed more constructive, supportive and enjoyable relationships with work colleagues. I also have a better relationship with myself!

I and my organisation have benefited from the coaching sessions that I have had and I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen.


Rebecca Matthews

Director for Schools, Quality and Standards. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I started working with Stephen as an executive coach when I was undertaking an interim senior position in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and his support in helping me to define what it was that I needed to achieve in the post was invaluable in helping me make a success of that opportunity. When I was subsequently appointed to the substantive post, the direction of the work with Stephen changed significantly. I needed to define the vision and values I was going to employ in this new post and understand how that was to manifest itself in my daily work. It was in this work that Stephen supported me with using a variety of skills and techniques to get me to consider my own effectiveness.

As a result of this work, I asked Stephen to lead a session with my leadership team which has been a catalyst for a changed working relationship with that team, and a spur to work in a more honest and open manner. As a team we now question our assumptions, are more self aware as individuals and as a group.

Stephen’s style is one of empowerment. He is clear thinking, honest and very precise about his role and its relationship to my development. His support consists of leading me through the thinking process, encouraging me to set goals and objectives to arrive at the destination. I am aware that this is not directed, but rather supported by Stephen. I know I arrive at my conclusions through my own thinking, but the journey is managed very skilfully by him.

I know he has supported me in being more effective in the work that I do as an individual and with my team. We have an honest and trusting relationship. I know I have grown in self confidence in the last 18 months and his contribution to that development is clear.

Nick Paget-Brown

Managing Director Pelham Research

For some time I have wanted to find ways in which I could use a range of existing skills and experience to develop my business into fresh areas. (I publish a policy newsletter for business)

As a self-employed person running a business from day-to-day, it is often difficult to get a perspective on the work one is doing and the opportunities which may exist to develop and grow. Steve was able to take me through a process of reviewing what I was doing and seeing how to combine my business and personal enthusiasms into new and stimulating applications and to think more constructively about possible business partnerships.

This was done through a series of one-to-one sessions where Steve posed a range of questions and helped me both to clarify my thinking and to address assumed obstacles. The problem-solving was done by me but the stimulus to think more laterally and to address each issue thoroughly before moving to the next point came from him.

One of the most valuable aspects of the coaching was that it required me to take a more sustained, analytical approach than I would normally, and to persist with an issue until I had resolved it clearly in my mind.  He would keep a valuable note of what we had discussed, with enough time in between sessions to think and develop ideas.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to re-evaluate their business and to ensure that they are maximising their potential.


Robert Staunton

Managing Consultant of OxBridge Corporate Education Ltd. Managing Director Staunton Educational

I cannot thank Steve Rayment enough for the Executive Coaching, which has been life changing. I find it hard to believe how in 10 hours of coaching I could have made the critical adjustments to my businesses that have enabled me both to improve my cash flow and have a better quality of life.

I have used various business consultants previously from Business Link and other sources, but I firmly believe that properly qualified executive coaches, like Steve, offer something unique and cutting-edge. Steve's blend of business expertise and mentoring skills make him an ideal Coach. Our work on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator has given me a highly effective tool to address all those nagging issues that had weighed down my professional life.

I now find my professional life a source of inspiration as I am finally heading in the direction I want to go in. My prime business principles have altered towards a business development ethos based on the realisation that 'I don't want to work in my business, I want to work on it.' Having just launched a new arm of my company, I have found my Executive Coaching a hugely valuable investment.


Peta Weston

Interior Designer

Stephen has enabled me to move from being rather shut down in my approach to developing my business to a position where I feel encouraged to get out there, talk the talk, and be creative in my thinking and manner.

Over five sessions we worked through some deep seated blocks concerning selling, handling networking situations and generally promoting myself and the business. His skill in turning around my negative thought processes and introducing lively ways of developing a more creative approach to difficult situations, has given me the confidence and energy to move forwards in a very positive way.

I feel that he has both excellent mentoring skills and a good knowledge of business: his patient and focused management of our sessions made even difficult or challenging subjects easier to tackle. I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done with me and would highly recommend his executive coaching service.